Glossolepis Incisus

October 23rd, 2006

I bought this glossolepis incisus as a very small, young fish. As you can see, the Red Rainbow has a number of silver flecks on it’s body. When I bought this fish, its entire body was silver, and its body shape was nowhere near as rounded as it is now. It basically looked like an odd shape minnow. Well, as you can see in this bad picture, the fish is still odd shaped, but now much more brilliant than a normal minnow.

This is the only rainbowfish I have in the glossolepis genus. My other rainbowfish are all melanotaenia, nevertheless, this fish has no trouble displaying and competing with the melanotaenia males to become the dominant fish in the tank. It’s really quite a spectacular thing to watch.

2 Responses to “Glossolepis Incisus”

  1. Rami Says:

    I picked up a couple of these a few weeks ago. They’ve recently started to show some scarlet, and since one kept picking on the other, I’ve separated them. I was overjoyed to learn that I’d picked up two males, as the adult males are downright gorgeous, and by far my favorite fish thus far. 🙂

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Rami, I’m glad you got some of these. It can take a little while for most of the silver to disappear, but when it does (like you said), they’re downright gorgeous fish. Enjoy them!