A. Borellii Babies having Babies

February 4th, 2007

A year or two ago, GWAPA placed a group order for a number of apistogramma. In that order, I got about 6 apistogramma borellii fish. I successfully bred these guys in a 20G high and had at couple generations going. Then, unfortunately, while I was in California at the AGA, my CO2 tank

Apistogramma borellii female with babies
Apistogramma borellii female with babies (lower right)

dumped the remainder of the canister into this aquarium, and killed off all of my adult fish. All of the smaller fish in the tank survived, including 5-6 borellii babies, which at the time were not sexable. I decided to dedicate a 20G long tank to try and get a new population going. After a couple months of blackworm feeding to get the fish in good breeding shape, I finally noticed├é┬áthe drab juevenilles coloring up — bright yellows and blues! I noticed that a pair formed, which kept 2-3 other males to the outer parts of the tank. Then, this weekend I finally see the female hovering around with a handful of babies. To get an idea of perspective, this female fish is probably only 1.5 inches long. The babies are mere millimeters. Those large looking foreground plants are marselia quadrafolia! It seems that the female has taken to guarding the fry. I haven’t seen the male near them yet.

2 Responses to “A. Borellii Babies having Babies”

  1. Holly Says:

    My two cherry barbs are hiding in the plants- alot more than they used to. They have bred before in a community tank and had fry- bu were all eaten. I was just wondering if Cherry barbs gard their eggs???

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Congrats on the Barb babies, Holly. I’ve never bred Barbs myself, but I believe they’re egg scatters, which means they will not guard their babies. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ate their own young. If you see any babies, try confining them to a breeder net, or move them into their own tank.