40G: Now that the water’s cleared…

March 22nd, 2007

I wanted to provide a better picture of the rescaped 40G tank that I redid this past weekend. The specs are below…



Filter: Eheim 2213

CO2: Pressurized, approx. 2-3 bubbles/sec

Substrate: ADA Powersand, Amazonia Aquasoil, with Tourlamine BC additives.

Dosing: None currently, will start dosing SeaChem’s line as needed.

Hardscape: California Pourous Mossy Rock.


Front: Utricularia graminfolia, HC, baby tears, Ranalisma rostrata (I’ll decide later which of these to make permanent)

Back: Limnophilia aromatica, Rotala macrandra var. ‘green’, Blyxa japonica, Pogostemon stellatus, Blyxa aubertii


Melanotaenia praecox, Apistogramma panduro, Rummy-nose tetras, Olive Nerite Snails

2 Responses to “40G: Now that the water’s cleared…”

  1. Big pooper Says:

    Looks real nice! But I would remove the equipment before taking a photo! 🙂

    Did you have the camera angled up, seems you got a lot of surface in it. And I need to see a bigger photo!

  2. guitarfish Says:

    blah blah blah on the equipment. 😉 I probably angled the camera up, I shot it freehand. To see it bigger, click on it twice, and you’ll be in Flickr. Then click on the “All Sizes” button. 🙂