Beautiful New Tank and Stand!

May 25th, 2007

Unfortunately, it’s not mine! On Weds, I helped my friend and fellow GWAPA member upgrade his stand from a wire-frame stand to a much sturdier wood stand that he had built himself. This, all in preparation to hold, among others, his brand new and shiny ADA 90P tank. If you’ve never seen an ADA tank up close before, you’re missing out. Seamless design with expertly done silicon, without any messy silicon drips, even on the bottom of the tank. Plus, the glass itself is incredibly clear, and nicely polished on the edges. Yeah, I have tank envy!

Aaron's new ADA 90P

Before we could setup the tank, we had to get his new, nearly 7 foot, stand up a long flight of stairs and setup in his fish room. Besides the small obstacle that all of the ceilings in his apartment were not uniformly taller than 7 foot, we eventually got the stand upright, and in position. A few blocks and wedges later, and it was level and ready for tanks. Aaron proceeded to put down the padding he bought to cushion the tank, and cut it to size. With the tank now in place, I can’t wait to see how he scapes it. There’s one small caveat, he’s not using Aquasoil. He’s setting up an ADA tank with a soil substrate. Should be interesting…