75G – Week 5 Update

November 29th, 2007

It’s been a tad longer than 5 weeks since I first setup my 75G. The moss on the wood is really bushing out right now, the Utricularia in the foreground is starting to establish itself, and nearly all of the other plants are coming into their own.

75G - 5 Weeks

I the P. stellata ‘broad-leaf’ on the left side still is a few trimmings away from fully filling in, as is the P. yatabeanus, but everything is well on its way. The Blyxa japonica is looking fantastic, despite a lot of upheaval of the substrate surrounding it thanks to my Nannachromis nudiceps. They still haven’t spawned to the best of my knowledge, so perhaps they’re not going to, but that doesn’t stop them from digging. I still haven’t decided on any other tankmates, but I have some Amano shrimp coming in a GWAPA group order, and I’m eyeing the Nigerian Red Kribs.

I’d love to hear all comments and critique so far. Here’s a question: Do you think I ought to put moss on more of the wood, particularly the center-most piece, or do you like it bare?

5 Responses to “75G – Week 5 Update”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I really like the bare branches – you can see the angles of the wood. I really like that! Beautiful scape!

  2. Rob Says:


    I wonder if you might need a little color splash behind the hardscape so that it doesnt blend into the greens. Especially if it gets some of the annoying green film algae that those rocks tend to get in all my tanks. Its a great scape though and I look forward to it fully growing out.

  3. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Rob! I have some rotala macrandra back there, but I agree that it’s a bit too green right now.

  4. Holy G Says:

    Men I love your 75g tank. how do you do it to keep the water so clear? As far as the layout i think is perfect just let the plants grow.

  5. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Holy G! The water stays clear with good filtration, and healthy plants. Plus, I usually do 50% water changes every week or so.

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