2.5G – Start of a Winner!

July 2nd, 2008

I’ve finally gotten around to setting up my 2.5G tank for the GWAPA Member  Nanoscape Contest. I tore down the soil experiment tank, and loaded it up with a small 3L bag of ADA Malaya Aquasoil that I had on the shelf for over a year. I ordered a bag of Malaya and Africana awhile ago to compare them to ADA’s Amazon, but haven’t had the opportunity to until now.


Malaya is a bit lighter in coloration than that of Amazonia, and has little flecks throughout. For the hardscape, I’m sticking with a porous mossy rock only composition, largely because I don’t have any pieces of driftwood small enough with the amount of character that I’d like.


This is my first attempt in terms of positioning the rocks. I haven’t fully determined what plants I’m going to use yet, so I’m going to have to update this more once I figure that out! In any case, any suggestions on the hardscape?

6 Responses to “2.5G – Start of a Winner!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Reached the blog for the plants profile but your project sounds fascinating so I’m going to stick around and read the entire process and gain a lot of knowledge on the way.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Michelle! I popped over to your blog, and appreciate the mention. It looks like you’re getting started, so good luck on your blog. We need more aquarium-related blogs on the internet!

  3. Phillip Brown Says:

    I think it has great potential. My only comment is that at the moment, the gravel and rocks are very ‘dark’ – I’m only looking forward to seeing what plants you use to ‘lift’ it.

  4. Chris Says:

    That is a very nice hardscape. I would suggest moving one of the rocks on the left a little farther to the left so you dont get the feel of a “staight alley” and to break up the straight line on that side. Other than that, you rocks are great with a lot of charchter 😉

  5. teaparties Says:

    I was reading old entries and it’s a bit late for it, but three boring pieces of driftwood of same kind + wire/fishing line = one interesting piece of driftwood.

  6. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks guys! It’s hard finding three pieces of boring driftwood at the 2.5G tank scale. Check out my updated post to see what I’ve done with the rocks.