Odd n Ends

October 29th, 2008

The GWAPA meeting that I hosted has come and gone, and the weather outside has turned downright chilly, so it was time for me to tear down the pond for the year. I brought the Crinum americana indoors, as well, as a number of the other plants that had spent the last few months basking in the open sun. I also managed to net out about 4 dozen cherry shrimp from the bottom of the pond.

Cherry Shrimp

In addition to some outside maintenance, I’ve also been working to break down a few of my smaller tanks in hope that I can replace them with a larger “farm tank” to grow out a number of exotic plants that I’ve been acquiring recently. To that end, with the Jewel cichlids off to a new home, my 20H is completely empty. I piled all of the wood/rocks from that tank into my 20L quarantine tank.

20L - Odds n Ends

This suits me just fine because I had recently put 20 juevenille bristlenosed plecos from the Catfish Convention Auction into this tank. These plecos are adoring the algae-ridden wood that was in the 20H.

Bristlenosed Pleco

In addition to the plecos, that 20L now contains 3 I. werneri that I’ve been unable to fish out to move to my 75G, and a large number of trumpet snails that retreat to the substrate during the day, and emerge each evening.

Trumpet Snail

I’ve also torn down both of my 2.5G tanks that I had used for my first wormstrate/soil experiment. All that’s left is the 20L and two 10Gs, which I’ll need to consolidate at some point. I’m thinking of getting a 50 breeder, or similarly sized tank for my farm tank. Of course, we’ll see what deal comes along.

4 Responses to “Odd n Ends”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Great post , wonderful pictures.

  2. 50G - New Tank & Hardscape-- Guitarfish Says:

    […] mentioned last week how I’ve been tearing down a few of my smaller tanks in order to consolidate them into a […]

  3. Tito Says:

    How you find all this amazing convenctions?
    And also where do you store all your tanks?

  4. guitarfish Says:

    Tito, I hear about these convention from my local club members, and from the journals of the national clubs (ACA and AGA) that I’m a member of. I have my tanks at my house.