Rotala verticillaris

November 24th, 2008

Rotala verticillaris is one of the newer Rotala species entering the hobby from Asia, which coincidentally is also one of the prettiest plants coming in as of late. Believe it or not, but Rotala verticillaris is actually the reference species for the Rotala genus. It’s amazing how diverse this particular group of plants can be when compared to the more common Rotala rotundifolia or some of the other more delicate species. Rotala verticillaris has a thicker stem and branches very tightly, but unlike some others it grows nearly vertical, which make stands of the plant extremely orderly and well positioned.

Rotala verticillaris

Also different about Rotala verticillaris is its flower, which resembles something more of a Pogostemon species, than some of the other Rotalas. The flower is, however, quite beautiful exhibiting a striking purple with featherly fronds coming off. Below is a picture of my friend Cavan’s flowering plant.

Rotala verticillaris Flower

In the aquarium, Rotala verticillaris is not as undemanding as Rotala rotundifolia, as it should require medium/high light plus CO2 injection. Of course, like all plants, it will benefit greatly from a rich substrate and addition fertilization. It is also not as fast a grower as other Rotala species, which in my opinion is a positive thing. I highly recommend this plant for use in any style of aquascape, but it is more perfectly suited to aquascapes with fine leafed and well manicured background stem plants.

3 Responses to “Rotala verticillaris”

  1. Kim Says:

    beautiful! It looks like a pine tree, and real colors in the tank? I wish I could grow something like that!

  2. Tyler -AAPE- Says:

    A very nice looking plant. I just picked up 8 stems for $3.00 and I think it is an excellent addition to all styles of aquascapes.

  3. guitarfish Says:

    Just FYI, we’ve flowered the plant going around as Rotala verticillaris, and it’s definitely not a Rotala. It’s actually a Pogostemon species, but we’re not 100% sure which one yet. Don’t let this change you mind at all, however, as it is still a fantastic plant!