50G – 2 Months

January 4th, 2009

It’s been about two months since I first setup the aquascape in my 50G aquarium. The plants are growing in very well, and after many hydrogen peroxide treatments, the algae I was experiencing is finally starting to wane. Unfortunately, the H2O2 also took a toll on many of the fish I had in this tank. Otherwise, I’ve removed a few more rocks from the right foreground to allow for more focus on the woodwork there. Ideally, I’d like the wood to look like a fallen tree.

50G - 2 Months

The HC and hairgrass are both starting to take off, which I’ve been waiting awhile for. I’ll probably tweak a few more things, removing a couple plants from the scape, but more/less, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s progressing. As always, comments/critiques welcome!

6 Responses to “50G – 2 Months”

  1. Chris Says:

    WOW! It looks like a huge mountain with pine trees all over it in the distance!

  2. m@ Says:

    The smaller pieces of driftwood in the front look like they’re getting swallowed by the plants. Based on a first glance, it looks full enough in the back so you could just trim back the plants without creating a huge hole.

    Looks good though.

  3. Phillip Brown Says:

    I was going to say the same as the second comment but I like it overall, just a tad unbalanced at the moment.

  4. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comments! m@, you’re probably right that I could shove down the Blyxa on the right side, although, I do kind of want that swallowed look to some extent. (The tree fallen with plants grown up around it look). I do think I’ll remove the Hemianthus micranthemoides on the right side though, becuase it’s just not bushing up how I’d like it to.

  5. Chris Says:

    Wow! what an amazing aqua scape. I really enjoy the wood on the left. It would be nice if you could include the tank specs, such as light, duration, fert routine, co2 inject ect… I did notice you only have the 1 koralia blowing towards the diffuser, are you able to get enough co2 moved around the tank with this method?

  6. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Chris!

    The tank specs are:

    Substrate: Earthworm castings capped with ADA Amazonia.

    Light: 4x36W HO T5, 2 bulbs on for 10 hours, 2 on for 3-4 hours midday.

    Ferts: NPK and Traces/Iron dosed on alternating days.

    CO2: Pressurized, multiple bubbles/second

    The Koralia+Eheim 2026 seem to do a fine job circulating the CO2, as few bubbles ever reach the surface, and blow all around the tank.