Alaskan Flowers and Berries

August 6th, 2010

I’ve finally been able to process a few more of our photographs from our trip to Juneau. It was amazing to go there during their spring when so many flowers and berries were abundant. Every trail we hiked on had a near unlimited supply of wild berries, be it salmon berries (below), nagoon berries, blueberries, or even watermelon berries to snack on. Ferns like alum abounded, as did the prickly medicinal plant, devil’s club, which had spines you definitely wanted to avoid. Fireweed fields made fantastic foregrounds to glacier mountain backdrops, while spruce and alder cones were also in no shortage. Huge stands of skunk cabbage had impressive flower stalks, while smaller sundews in the higher elevations proved varying habitats in the area. My favorite wild-flower there was the columbine flower, with a very unique and intricate construction. There are several thumbnails below that I cannot ID, so if there are any Alaskan plant experts out there, please leave a comment on this post or on the corresponding Flickr page.

Salmon Berries

Salmon Berries. (Mouse over thumbnails for titles)

IMG_2639.jpg Columbine Alum Fern Flower IMG_2630.jpg Watermelon Berries Skunk Cabbage Fireweed IMG_2372.jpg Ferns! Sundew Flower from Bog Wild Blueberries Devil's Club IMG_2156.jpg Alder Cones Spruce Cones Lupine IMG_2628.jpg

One Response to “Alaskan Flowers and Berries”

  1. lolly Says:

    The berries and flowers there really were amazing. I wish I had some berries to snack on now 🙂 Lovely shots from a beautiful place.