50G – Aquascape for the Fish

July 18th, 2011

There comes a time when you have to chose which is more important to you, the fish or the aquascape. In the last scape I had in my 50g aquarium, I didn’t provide enough caves for my bristlenose plecos to occupy, so they took it upon themselves to dig underneath the rocks, building their own caves. After walking into my fish room enough times, only to witness muddy water, I decided that the fish have made their point, and a new aquascape was in order.

50g Rescaped

I pulled out the rocks, replacing them with hollow pieces of African bogwood. I also elevated enough pieces to provide small caves without digging. Replanting with just Blyxa aubertii, B. japonica, and Narrow-leaf Java Fern, I kept the scape pretty simplistic. I reused the sand path in the old scape, purposely allowing it to become contaminated with aquasoil, to achieve a more natural look. Overnight, so far no digging! Comments welcome!

2 Responses to “50G – Aquascape for the Fish”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’ve been around and around with this subject myself. My pleco is large so I just work with him. I can’t have anything planted. I still have all the narrow leaf java fern you sent and it works well shoving it into rock and driftwood.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Fortunately, these plecos are 6″ max, and the only problem was with them digging. Larger ones are just clumsy, and knock plants around regardless. I’m glad the java fern is still working for you!

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