Blyxa Aubertii Flowers!

November 3rd, 2006

Blyxa Aubertii FlowerAt the last GWAPA meeting, I decided to buy another plant I had somewhere hadn’t managed to keep, even though it’s been in the hobby for a few years — blyxa aubertii. I’ve always had incredibly good luck keeping blyxa japonica, so I decided to give it’s slightly more difficult cousin as try.

When I got home from the meeting, I didn’t have time to properly plant the blyxa in my 40G, so I just threw it in the tank, letting it float around. Well, I guess you can say that I forgot about it for 4-5 days. Yesterday morning, I open the tank’s lid to feed the fish, and to my surprise, the blyxa aubertii had two flower stalks coming up and out of the floating plant! The plant I got was a very mature, healthy plant, so I guess all it needed was a little bit of light, close to the surface. In any case, it was a nice surprise!
Blyxa Aubertii Flower

6 Responses to “Blyxa Aubertii Flowers!”

  1. fredyk Says:

    The plant flowers well in general good conditions. Nothing really intense is really needed. Would you agree that it’s nice to have the flowers spike out of the water? Now plant that plant! : )

  2. Kris Says:

    I’ve noticed! Since I’ve planted it, I’ve got countless flower stalks shooting out of the water. It would be awesome to try to get seeds. Ever tried that?

  3. fredyk Says:

    I never saw seeds. Mostly the flower stalks don’t reach the top of the water unless everything is perfect, so never gotten seeds from it.

  4. Blyxa Japonica Flower-- Guitarfish Says:

    […] I’ve posted pictures of my Blyxa aubertii flower. Now, I’ve noticed that some of the Blyxa Japonica, that has been floating toward the top of […]

  5. Jayson Says:

    Have had plant for 7 months approx , Many flowers and a lot of seeds , long skinny pods measuring 8 c.m. with what appears to be 50 – 60 seeds in each. now have a few baby plants. parent plants are huge have 6′ x 2′ x 2′ these reach the top and beyond. great plant in every way don’t know we(the public) don’t see more of it. picked up mine nice and cheap from “strictly aquariums”.

  6. guitarfish Says:

    Jayson, I agree that it’s a great plant — the best grassy background plant in my opinion, since it’s doesn’t grow much taller than the water surface height. I haven’t noticed any seed pods on mine, despite huge numbers of flowers. I suppose I need to pollinate them myself.