75G – New scape with Ca Rock

January 11th, 2007

I used some time-off after Christmas to do quite a bit of maintenance on my tanks. In addition to adding the U.V. sterilizer, I also took this opportunity to rescape the tank, in an effort to hopefully clear up what had been a pretty nasty algae outbreak. When Ghazanfar, Rob, and I spent an afternoon breaking up our prized California rock, I had set one large piece aside, specifically for use in my 75G. That rock is the large rock one the left, and weighs a considerable amount.

75G - 1-08-2007

What I didn’t realize until after I put it in the tank, in that the rock has a natural cave in it, that’s just about perfect sized for a female apistogramma, but not quite large enough for the male. In essense, it’s the perfect size, and within a day of rescaping, one of the female A. cacatuoides took up residence.

So, besides the hardscape, I left the glosso intact on the right side of the tank before my previous scape. I repurposed the anubias baterii nana in front of the rocks in the middle, and replanted the utricularia on the left side. I’m a little curious to see if the U.V. sterilizer will have any effect on the growth rate of the utricularia. Finally, for the background, I went up to what has become a plant farm of my 40G, and trimmed out a variety of stems that I thought went together. From left to right: Pogostemon stellata ‘broadleaf’, Pogostemon sp., ludwigia repens ‘narrow-leaf’, Heteranthera zosterifolia, Blyxa japonica, and Limnophilia aromatica.

3 Responses to “75G – New scape with Ca Rock”

  1. Mark Harnet Says:

    very interesting rocks. good choice! Would you agree the rocks will become over-grown from the plants?

  2. Kris2 Says:

    Thanks Mark! It’s quite possible that the plants could overtake the rocks, but in this picture, I’m purposely letting the plants grow out a little bit for the purpose of propagating them. As long as I keep things trimmed, the rocks should stand-out. The large rock on the left would probably standout, regardless, as it’s just so large. Of course, to a certain degree, I do want the plants to grow out and cover parts of the rocks to make it look more natural; just not the whole rock.

  3. Francine Bethea Says:

    I like the layout. But it’s hard to steal the picture to copy for my 75!