Hydrocotle sp.

January 21st, 2008

Back in June 2007, a few GWAPA members went down to Florida to see what kinds of plants/fish we could find for our aquariums. One plant that was absolutely everywhere was a Hydrocotle species that mixed into the grass of people’s lawns, and existed in virtually every roadside ditch we visited. I grabbed a small amount, expecting it to completely take over my tank.

Hydrocotle sp.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. This small plant has been living in my 40G tank for over 6 months, while only throwing up a single new stem. Recently, I upgraded my lighting to a 2x96W setup from AHSupply and I’ve noticed that the Hydrocotle sp. has started to grow, sending up a new stem and leaf in just the last week. Right now, the stems are approximately 6 inches tall, which is slightly taller than I’d prefer them. I’ll be sure to post if it evens out, and becomes a nice accent plant in my aquascape.

2 Responses to “Hydrocotle sp.”

  1. Holy G Says:

    Hey I am from Miami, I have that plant right there in my side lawn. If you want some more, let me know. Here is my email (email edited out for your privacy).

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Holy G. It’s shooting up another leaf today, so I think before long I’ll have more than I want. It must have just needed the extra light.