Plants For Sale

December 18th, 2008

Since I maintain a few tanks, it’s fairly common that I end up with more trimmings than I know what to do with. Many of these plants are fairly uncommon in the hobby, and often completely unavailable through regular retail outlets. I sell many of my plants through aquatic plant forums, and to local club members, but I want to make known that many of the plants I talk on this website are available for sale. Since I’m not running a nursery, the availability of any individual plant will vary from time-to-time, so please contact me if you’re looking for something in particular that’s not listed.

More information can be found on my Plants For Sale page in the sidebar, and at the top of this page.

12 Responses to “Plants For Sale”

  1. Kim Says:

    That’s awesome that you will be selling some of your plants!

  2. Loren Willis Says:

    Hi: I have the Washington plant site as a link on my web site. I registered on the forum but it is useless to me. Is the Washington in DC or out west? I have customers in both places. Also, I am putting in an order to Thailand for plants and discus. Can you give me any advise on what plants to order? I know nothing about them. See:
    Thanks, Loren

  3. aj Says:

    Hi Kris!

    Howz it going? Perhaps this time you have some trimming to spare? Prefer to have soft water plant since I’m from NYC and my water here is super soft.
    Hope to hear back from you soon.


  4. Eric Says:

    Beautiful pictures, what do you have for sale for soft water and low and medium light. I also have a large riparium I am building. Red mangrove and some tropical pond plans so far. I am intending it to be low to medium light as well.

  5. Rossi Dimitrova Says:

    Hi ,
    Do you have a Marsilea quadrifolia for sale?

  6. Terence Says:

    Hi, i am looking to buy a variety of plants for my first attempt on a planted aquarium

  7. Dimitri Says:


    I was wondering if you might have some fissidens fontanus for sale.


  8. joey sevilleja Says:

    looking for some RANUNCULUS INUNDATUS do you have any for sale

  9. guitarfish Says:

    Sorry Joey, I’m not growing Ranunculus right now.

  10. Ricardo Buenrostro Says:

    I would like to know if you sell Eleocharis sp or any small grass like plants.



  11. Michael Says:

    I am thoroughly interested in N. micrantha plants!!!
    Will buy or trade for a couple or more plants
    Trade: have rare, just recently discovered WL from Madagascar- Nymphaea minima (Least WL). Makes beautiful lime-green submersed leaves with silvery white reverse. They get about 6 or 7 inches submersed but only max about 3.5 inches floating. Tiny white pointy flowers with some pinkish highlights.
    I also have N. ampla X Blue Goddess Greater WL which sports very large submersed leaves 9+ inches long that are somewhat pubescent top and bottom giving them an irredescent look plus they go through color changes!
    Also have N. lotus var. Zenkeri Green and Red types. They will not be available until later in the year.

  12. Eric Says:

    I am interested in Nymphaea minima (Least WL). What would you be selling these for? Are you in a cold part of the country? if so I would want heat packs. I can pay you by paypal or credit card