75G – 2.5 Months In

February 18th, 2009

My 75G aquascape is now roughly two and a half months old and is doing great! The Glossostigma elatinoides is starting to spread across the foreground, albeit, slower than usual since it’s fairly shaded there. The Staurogyne sp. (Hygrophila sp. ‘Low Grow’) needs a trim in the front left foreground, as does the Ludwigia repens x arculata in the left-middle background, but otherwise, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite tanks to just sit and look at.

75G - 2-18-2009

I’ve trimmed back the Hygrophila sp. ‘Guinea’ (feathery green on left below), and am hoping that it reacts well to the trimming, as I love this plant. I think the red of the Ludwigia arculata is a great contrast to the H. sp. ‘Guinea’ as well.

75G - Left Side

I’ve added a few more Ancistrus sp. ‘L279’ to this tank that I previously had in my 54G aquarium before I changed that to a native aquarium. From that same tank, I also added the remaining Goo Obo Gudgeon that I have. I’d love to obtain more of that particular fish so that I could try to breed them.

75G - Under the Arch

Overall, I’m really pleased with this aquarium. Once the glosso finishes covering the substrate, and with a few trims, I’m looking forward to trying to get some better photographs of it. Comments/critiques welcome!

5 Responses to “75G – 2.5 Months In”

  1. Phillip Brown Says:

    I can only say I really like this. The dense planting and contrast in colours and forms is what I most admire.

  2. lolly Says:

    It really is beautiful. I like the dense planting a lot too, and the explosion of color of the Ludwigia is just perfect!

  3. rich815 Says:

    >>>>I’ve trimmed back the Hygrophila sp. ‘Guinea’

    Oh man! I’ve been watching you Plants For Sale page ever since I’ve seen you mention this plant. Did you sell the trims or toss them yet?

  4. guitarfish Says:

    It’s a slow grower. Sorry, still none available yet.

  5. Mark F. Says:

    Just thought I’d join the chorus singing the praises of this tank. Like you say, except for the glosso growing in, and any periodic trimming that you think may need to be done, it looks like the kind of tank you can just sit in front of and lose yourself in – and isn’t that exactly what having an aquarium is for?