Limnophila sp. ‘Wavy’

September 14th, 2009

One of the newer plants I’ve been growing was sold to me as Limnophila sp. ‘Wavy.’ It is a larger, bright green, version of the Limnophila aromatica whose leaves grow in slightly twisted and wavy. When handled out of water, L. sp. ‘Wavy’ has a smell similar to rosemary like L. aromatica. I would not be at all surprised if we learned that Wavy is really just a variant of L. aromatica.

Limnophila sp. 'Wavy'

I am currently growing Limnophila sp. ‘Wavy’ in my 75G aquarium to provide a bright green background to my hardscape. Since it is a slightly larger plant, it probably isn’t very well suited to any aquarium smaller than 40G-50G. So far, it has been an incredibly prolific grower, requiring a trim more frequently than L. aromatica, which is also growing in the same aquarium.

Limnophila sp. 'Wavy'

It accepts trimming well, and eventually branches at the spot of the cut. Therefore, if you have a larger aquarium, I would recommend this plant as an excellent addition to provide bright green coloration with a unique leaf shape.

5 Responses to “Limnophila sp. ‘Wavy’”

  1. Phillip Brown Says:

    What a great introduction – never seen that over here.

  2. Clas of Sweden Says:

    never seen att all! me wants badly!

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  5. Shaun Says:

    Your conclusions are correct. I have this plant (got it as Penthorum actually) and it turns out to be Limnophila aromaticoides, which has recently been considered just a variant of L. aromatica.