Planted Aquarium Guide

January 21st, 2009

Starting a planted aquarium can seem like a daunting task. Most hobbyists start out small, gradually learning by trial and error what works and what doesn’t, and piece together information from books and websites until they finally either succeed or get frustrated and leave the hobby forever. In this series of posts, I’m going to attempt to outline the most important aspects of setting up a planted aquarium. Hopefully this will become a valuable resource to anyone new to the hobby, or experienced fish-keepers who are looking to setup a planted aquarium.

  1. Knowing What You Want
  2. Choosing the Right Aquarium
  3. Flow: Filters / Powerheads
  4. CO2 Systems
  5. Substrate
  6. Lighting
  7. Fertilization
  8. Aquascaping Tips
  9. Types of Plants
  10. How to plant plants
  11. Maintaining an Aquascape
  12. Combatting Algae in the Planted Aquarium
  13. Algae: Spot Treatment Methods

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9 Responses to “Planted Aquarium Guide”

  1. alex opolus Says:

    I’ve always loved planted tanks. But, have been unable to find any simple ideas on how to start one!

  2. GBose Says:

    A great site! Thanks for the guide to planted aquariums!. I’m not quite ready for one yet, but soon….

    And I’ll be using your guide!


  3. Steve Marto Says:

    love ur site was wondering what u might have avail for sale plant wise.Also do u breed apistos

  4. Elknoxious Says:

    Thanks for this guide. This is one of the best starting guides about planted aquariums that I have come across on my journey to creating a planted aquascape. I really enjoyed the suggestions for what substrate to use as well as setting up CO2 in your tank. I enjoy learning as I go, through experimentation and research, and wanted a guide to help me initially get set up. This was exactly what I was looking for and was very detailed and informative.

    Thank you very much!


  5. Giovanni Hodak Says:

    Thanks for the info, very useful

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  7. Adolfo Mapstone Says:

    Hey, Excellent website. Some truly wonderful posts on this blog, thank you for contribution.

  8. ??? Says:

    Good piece of details that you’ve obtained on this web site submit. Hope I might get some a lot more of the stuff in your website. I will occur again.

  9. Planted Tank Noob here! - Introductions and Greets - Aquatic Plant Central Says:

    […] Also, an external blog that I found informative was In particular check out: This planted aquarium guide provides some basic information. Plus it goes a little further […]

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