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Mini-S Update

February 13th, 2012

I snapped a photo of my Mini-S nano aquarium this morning. The Hemianthus callitrichoides is growing in well, however, I’m scratching my head a little bit regarding the difference in appearance of the HC on the right side verses the left side of the tank. The left side looks fantastic, with lush, green growth. The right side is growing, but many of the leaves are brown or even decaying. There’s definitely more flow on the right side of the tank, but usually that’s a good thing.

Mini-S Update

The stuff on the right side probably doesn’t have as much substrate to root itself into as on the left, so I’ve added a little bit of powder-type ADA¬†Amazonia on the right. We’ll see if that helps improve the help. Otherwise, comments welcome!

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New Mini-S Aquascape

January 19th, 2012

Over the holidays, I decided to fill my Mini-S aquarium back up, and implement a new aquascape. It had been sitting dry for several months, as the room it once resided in got renovated, and I didn’t want to fiddle with the tank elsewhere during those renovations. This time, I decided to do a simplistic iwagumi-style aquascape with HC as the only plant. It took me about a week of tinkering to find the right collection of rocks, and to position them as seen below. I ordered 4 pots of Hemianthus callitrichoides from Green Leaf Aquariums, and planted it a few days later.

Mini-s Iwagumi

I snapped this picture a few minutes ago while feeding the fish in the rest of my aquariums. This is about 2-3 weeks after planting, and the only thing I’ve been dosing is Seachem Excel for a carbon source. Otherwise, I’m currently relying on the nutrients in new ADA Aquasoil (regular Amazonia and powder forms). I’d love to hear some feedback on the hardscape arrangement as it stands now.

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New Aquascape, Updated Aquascape…

March 1st, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my Mini-S aquascape. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out, although I can’t decide whether to let the Blyxa japonica grow tall like it is, or to keep it shoved down behind the rock more. Suggestions on that? I also added some livestock in the form of Phoenix Rasboras, Orange-Eyed Blue Tiger Shrimp, and a few horned Nerite snails.

ADA Mini-S

A couple weekends ago I found some time to rescape my 50G aquarium. I’m not entirely thrilled with it in its current state, but I’m hoping that the plants will grow in a bit, and minimize the size of those rocks a little bit. I was also hoping that my plecos wouldn’t dig, but that seems to have been wishful thinking.

50G - New Aquascape

At least it’s looking way better than it did prior to my rescape. In case you’re curious, I’m trying to do a themed series of aquascapes in my fishroom, using the pool filter sand, and fairly minimalistic look. Now I just need to keep this and my 33G going while I find time to rescape my 75G!

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Mini-S: Updated Picture

January 24th, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update on here. I snapped a quick photo of the Mini-S how it appears right now. I’ve recently replaced the Taiwan moss with Flame moss. The Rotala macrandra variant have been trimmed and is growing back in. Everything else has been filling in a bit. It like how the sand has bits of Aquasoil on top of it, as it looks more natural to me than plain white sand. Comments/critiques welcome!


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Mini-S: Minor Update

December 15th, 2010

After getting some great feedback from the aquascaping community, I’ve replaced the rock in the back right of this scape. Many folks felt that the original rock didn’t balance out the large focal rock enough. I also added in a little bit of Eleocharis acicularis in the background to fine-tune things back there. Comments/critiques welcome!


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ADA Mini-S – New Aquascape!

December 12th, 2010

After neglecting all but essential maintenance on my aquariums for some time due to an on-going home-improvement project, I finally aquascaped a new ADA Mini-S aquarium for my office. Below is a picture of the tank after being setup for a few days. This is the first aquascape I’ve ever actually done using a sand foreground and path, as I’ve always favored foreground plants.

ADA Mini-S

The low ground cover is Taiwan Moss tied to lots of small stones. Mini pelia accents lots of the larger rocks, with Blyxa japonica, Staurogyne repens, and Rotala macrandra (some variant) in the background behind the large rock. I think I may need something in the back right, but I’m not sure if that should be a slightly larger rock, or just some hairgrass trimmed at an angle for some height and depth. I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on the hardscape and aquascape in general, comments/critiques are welcome!

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