Manzanita Wood

April 29th, 2007

Last week I ordered a huge box of manzanita wood from to split between myself and the rest of GWAPA. I highly recommend this retailer for ordering wood for your aquarium. Rich, who I dealt with, is very professional and is willing to accomodate just about anything you’re looking for. I described to him that I wanted some branchy pieces, along with plenty of pieces that have lots of character.

Manzanita Wood

When I got home last Wednesday, on my doorstep was a box about 6 foot tall, and about 2 foot in diameter. Due to the size, it made 65lbs much more cumbersome than if it were in a more manageable size. I separated the box into three categories: branchy, large sized pieces, and medium sized pieces. From there, I divided the wood into a number of different lots that were pretty even. I took a few lots for myself, and the rest were auctioned off at the GWAPA meeting this weekend. Look for some upcoming tank pictures with this wood in it!

16 Responses to “Manzanita Wood”

  1. Heather Says:

    thank you so much for the reccomentation!

    I really want this style of driftwood in my tank, but I had no idea how to go about getting it! you made that very easy!

  2. Tony Lourence Says:

    I have 48+ acres of beautiful manzanita. If your interested in anymore any shape or size. e-mail me.
    Thanks Tony

  3. kenneth jensen Says:

    Hi Tony, I am very interested in buying some. Would you contact me at

    Regards, Kenneth

  4. Matt Heck Says:

    Good lord. If you’re anywhere near northern California just call the Bureau of Land Management. They have to clear a hellacious amount of this stuff out all the time to prevent forest fires from turning into total infernos. Ten pounds of manzanita wood releases 11,000 BTUs of heat– the same as one gallon of gasoline– and it burns hot as hell, for a long time.

    As I understand it, the stuff in aquariums is sandblasted first (prior to which it has an attractive peeling bark), and possibly soaked a few times to neutralize it, but the wood is extremely tough stuff. Birds seem to love it, too, probably because they can’t chew through it easily.

    The fun part is that you can get the most whacked-out triple-curved branch you can find and still use it as a walking stick– it’s plenty strong.

  5. guitarfish Says:

    I’m on the East Coast, but that’s really interesting stuff to learn, Matt. You’re right that we get the sandblasted stuff for aquarium use, and that a lot of folks use it for bird perches. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Hector Says:

    i also have lots of land and frequently cutting manzanita i make furiture and always looking for unique pieces would be willing to trade or sale.

  7. Sam Sayger Says:

    Tony Lourence

    I am interested in buying some of your manzanita also. If you could conntact me at we can get together on the deal. I too make furniture and lots of other smaller objects and would love some.
    Sam Sayger
    Hernando, MS
    901 488 8815

  8. David Wilson Says:

    I have land in the lower sierra nevada foothills in Ca. We are going to be doing some clearing and if you are interested in some manzanita. They are all pritty big also, you can contact me through email or call 530-343-0420

  9. Cath Says:


    I am interested in buying some manzanita could you contact me with a price


  10. Yumi Says:


    Iam also looking for some manzanita. If you are in southern Cali, please contact me at

    Thank you.

  11. jimmy duncan Says:

    I am also interested in buying some manzanita could you contact me with a price

  12. Cherster Says:

    I am looking to buy some Manzanita for Parrot perches, can anyone here help me?

  13. Shelia Smith Says:


    I am interested in buying some manzanita could you contact me with a price?

  14. guitarfish Says:

    Everyone interested in manzanita, I have successfully ordered from several times, and have always been satisfied. I’m in no way affiliated with them, just a happy customer.

  15. Jake Says:

    I am interested in buting raw manzanita branches for use with birds. Does not have to be of big diameter, but would like some long branches. Contact Jake at
    Thank you

  16. robert Says:

    im in fiddletown… with these other posts,im takeing out ALOT of it BIG and some small. i see this site and im thinking..WOW,maybe i dont have to run it all through my chipper?,,,,,someone is intrested? i can take pictures…in some of them i can SEE an entire 3 or 4 leg table{sans the glass top}in its natrural state,,,,Robert 530-515-5228 or 908-433-1765

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