Raised Brick Pond – Mid-Summer Report

July 13th, 2007

My small brick pond has been progressing quite nicely this summer. I’ve added quite a few plants than I didn’t have last summer including Pogostemon yatabeanus, Riccia fluitans, Pogostemon stellata var. ‘broad-leaf,’ and a few native Polygonum, Ludwigia, and Lysamachia species that I’ve collected locally. Endlers and cherry shrimp are the main occupants of the pond this year again.

Raised Brick Pond - 7/13/2007

I’ve got frogbite growing quite well, with extensive root systems forming below the increasingly large pads on the surface. I’m hoping that they’ll soon transform into large plants resembling water hyacinths. Hydrocotle is growing nicely, both above and below the surface. The most prolific grower so far this year is definitely the Pogostemon yatabeanus, which seems to thrive regardless of fertilization or water current.

Pogostemon yatabeanus emersed

The solar pump is still operating, but is opposed by the large mass of plant matter occupying most of the water surface. Nevertheless, while some algae is present, the water is very clear, and by and large, the plants are doing well. Now, I’m just waiting for the sun to induce some of these plants to start flowering. I may start dosing extra phosphate to try and encourage the same thing. No doubt, the Endlers are producing plenty of ammonia to feed the plants.

Limnophilia aromatica emersed

I’ve only dosed a small amount of PMDD fertilizer roughly once a week, instead topping off the water in the pond a few times each week. The pond seems to have attracted a fair number of wasps and yellow jackets this year, which I haven’t yet been able to explain. Fortunately, none of these bugs have bothered much with me yet. As usual, birds enjoy bathing in the pond, and stealing the occasional Endler. So, for me it’s provided a great center of attraction for me to watch plants grow, birds play, and insects bugger about.

3 Responses to “Raised Brick Pond – Mid-Summer Report”

  1. Jim Says:


    The pond looks great; better than last year. Looks like you might need a bigger pond soon.

    I think the wasps and yellow jackets are simply after the water. It’s pretty dry this year and a lot of still, shallow water sources are drying up.


  2. guitarfish Says:

    It’s definitely coming along. Last year, I built it part way into the summer, and didn’t have the benefit of planting things early, like I did this time around. The birds are definitely there for the water as well. That drought page is pretty informative. We need rain bad.

  3. Glosso Over Wintered!-- Guitarfish Says:

    […] warmer, I’ve been working outside in the garden a bit, and part of that includes getting my raised brick pond ready for plants. Last fall, I pulled out most of the plants, drained the pond, and stacked most of […]

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