Amazon Trip: Collecting Fish

August 17th, 2007

Yesterday, I just got back from Peru, where my wife and I spent about 2 weeks – 1 week in the Amazon rainforest, and another in the Andes. We went on a “photography tour” with Margarita Tours, which is an excellent company that I would highly recommend. Our photography leader, Dr. David Schleser, also leads subsequent fish collecting trips, and when he learned of my interest, he scheduled a sample fish collecting expedition to let me see what the week-long expedition is like.

Waist Deep in Mud, collecting fish

I must say, that collecting in the Amazon is a little bit different than our Florida collecting trip. Take away the boat ramps and add a lot of mud; like waist deep mud. On the plus side, in a single seine attempt, we probably pulled out 20 different species of fish, including some beautiful angelfish, and even a red-bellied piranha. There were plenty of catfish, who spines invariably poked your hands, and got tied up in the nets. There appeared to be a few different types of characins too.

Boy we were muddy!

This is really the only aquarium-related part of my trip, but as I gather together some of my pictures, I think I will deviate from the aquarium theme, and just post some of my rainforest experiences that I think will have a broader appeal. Keep posted for more soon.

2 Responses to “Amazon Trip: Collecting Fish”

  1. RamColon Says:

    Would you mind put pictures of the fishes you caught?

  2. Michele Says:

    Hi Kris. Hey, I’m wondering if I could possibly use one of your photographs for a current assignment. I’m actually creating an infographic dealing with the statistics in the Amazon. I really like the fourth photo from the top in the rainforest section.