Amazon Trip: The Birds

August 19th, 2007

The Amazon is a bird watcher’s paradise. You wouldn’t be in the Amazon if you didn’t hear the loud squawking of mccaw parrots as they flew overhead. It’s really amazing to see these colorful birds out in the wild, as opposed to in a pet store cage. As loud as the mccaws are, the green parrots are even noisier, particularly when you’re trying to sleep!

Amazon Mccaw Parrots

Besides parrots, I think the toucan is the quintessential Amazon bird that everyone knows. This may be in large part due to Fruit Loops marketing campaign, but nevertheless, there’s no wonder as to why people admire these birds. This particular bird below flew up to this tree, about 50 feet away from the platform I was standing on, about 5 stories from the forest floor. It then proceeded to fly overhead to a different tree where 2 other toucans squabbled with each other before all 3 took off. What colorful animals!

Amazon Toucan

There are numerous birds on the water that prey on fish or other critters that become vulnerable on the water’s edge. I haven’t a clue what this bird is below, but we saw a fair number of this type around.

Amazon Bird

Even the Amazon has a common duck. While these ducks are slightly different than the common ducks all over North America, their general behavior is the same.

Amazon Ducks

These yellow-bodied birds can be seen all over the Amazon. We saw especially large numbers of them when we were on the boat, making the trip down the Amazon river to the Rio Orosa.

Amazon Bird

With all of the insects in the Amazon, it goes to figure that there would be plenty of woodpeckers around.

Amazon Woodpecker

3 Responses to “Amazon Trip: The Birds”

  1. Diana McCullough Says:

    Your photos are Amazing! I enjoyed them so much. I love photography as I can’t paint. I would probably still been there, a skeleton with a camera in my hands! Thank you so much for posting them!!!!

  2. Bostjan Dvorak Says:

    Wonderful photos! – The two white caterpillars with black and orange striped pattern are of Rothschildia erycina. On which tree did You find them?

    Best wishes,
    Bostjan Dvorak

  3. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Bostjan! Since this trip was almost 10 years ago, I do not recall which tree those caterpillars where found on.

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