Amazon Trip: The Snakes

August 22nd, 2007

Before I went to the Amazon, I was always one of those people who said they were afraid of snakes. Growing up, the worst we had to worry about were copperheads, but I think the fear that something so tiny could put you in a world of hurt was scary. Right before the trip, I had to help my mom remove a harmless black snake from their deck. Just handling that snake, you could feel the strength that they have. In the Amazon, I witnessed far more deadly snakes than the copperhead, but also saw even more strength in the boas, and more beauty in the coloration of some of these creatures. I hope you enjoy my snake photos.

Amazon Boa
The snake above is a standard tree boa constrictor. These snakes are so strong, and really coil up around a tree in an instant. Below is its much prettier cousin, the rainbow boa. One of the other photographers happened across this beautiful snake during one of his afternoon walks. With every movement, the iridescent blue shimmered one its skin.
Amazon Rainbow Boa

Micrurus putumayensis, below, was quite drab looking in the shade. In the sunlight, blue undertones started shining from its dark patches. A really nice looking snake.

Amazon Snake

Next is the famous fer-de-lance. This snake is very lethal, and is not afraid to strike. While our guides were handling this snake, it struck multiple times at the handling tools, causing venom to drip down the metal surface. They told us about one unfortunate previous guest who accidentally stepped on one of these, got bit, and needed over four months to finally get back to normal. He nearly didn’t make the first day. Scary stuff, but definitely a snake to respect.

Amazon Fer-de-Lance

Here is a vine snake that we found on one of our night walks. I kind of like how his head is disproportionate to his body.

Amazon Vine Snake

Another pretty snake. Unfortunately, I don’t remember whether this one, the next, or both are vine snakes, or varieties of coral snakes. If anyone has any insight, please comment and set me straight.

Amazon Snake

Again, not sure what kind of snake this is, but isn’t it pretty with the orange and black checkerboard pattern?

Amazon Snake

9 Responses to “Amazon Trip: The Snakes”

  1. James Howard Says:

    (6)Ornate Snale eater
    (7)Red Bull Nose Snake
    (3) Amazon Coral Snake
    I figured out what the snakes are i hope thats what ur lookin for.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the info, James!

  3. KY Says:

    Amazon egg eating snake

  4. josh Says:

    You should do a little research on what kind of snke is which and then the site will be usefull!

  5. guitarfish Says:

    Josh, please see the first comment where James was kind enough to help out in that regard. If you’d like to fill in any of the blanks, I’d welcome that!

  6. mithu acharjee Says:

    very nice

  7. kavya Says:

    beautiful , marvalous collection of snakes hope getting more wonderful and exiting ones

  8. William Lamar Says:

    Josh, you have nice photos and a nice site. Some of the provided snake IDs are still incorrect and I will be happy to fix them for you. My reason for writing, however, involves a photo you took of a truly rare snake. This is the specimen you referred to as drab in the shade. It is Micrurus putumayensis, a coralsnake for which precious few images exist. Inasmuch as I do research on Amazonian venomous snakes, I would like to see about obtain permission to use this or any similar images you might have of this snake. Also, I assume you flew into Iquitos so I would be most interested to know where you took the photos of this snake.

  9. guitarfish Says:

    William, thanks for your response. I’m very intrigued that I got a shot of the coralsnake, Micrurus putumayensism. I’ll update the image with the correct name. In terms of location, we found this snake around the Madre Selva Biological Station on the Rio Orosa:

    Please contact me privately regarding any photo uses.



    PS: Josh is actually a commenter, I’m the owner of the website.

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