Where Two Rivers Meet

September 8th, 2007

As I’ve posted previously, I enjoy taking my two dogs on some trails near my house that follow the Little and Middle Patuxent Rivers. Unfortunately, the trail ends right before where these two pretty rivers meet. Determined to get a good picture of this juncture, I waterlogged my shoes and headed down river, being careful not to fall on the algae-covered rocks. I probably should have waited another 30 minutes for this picture, but I hope it captures the beauty of these bodies of water. Just within 100 yards of the trail there was noticeably more wildlife, including a black snake, some large water birds, and countless little trout/bass in the pools.

Where Two Rivers Meet

5 Responses to “Where Two Rivers Meet”

  1. maht Says:

    awesome images…

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks maht!

  3. Robbie Says:

    Heh, I was trying to tell one of my friends about some of the attractions in Maryland. We originally spoke about camping and Cunningham Falls came up. When searching about it i came upon your page and remembered my experiences in Assatigue Beach. Your pictures gave a fine example of what Maryland has to offer and hopefully my friend comes to live here with me. Thank you for your inspirational images and documentary. You should do another one for 2009 just so i can be more persuasive in my efforts to get my friend to live here permanently. :0)

  4. guitarfish Says:

    Very kind words Robbie! I appreciate it. Good luck with your friend. 🙂

  5. Walking Thru the Woods-- Guitarfish Says:

    […] I took a hike through some trails near our house which I have documented several times previously on this site. These trails wind in-between the Little and Middle Patuxent Rivers, with one segment shown […]

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