Phyllanthus fluitans Flower

September 14th, 2007

I’ve been keeping Phyllanthus fluitans since I obtained it from the 2004 AGA convention’s silent auction in Washington, DC. This has been the nitrate sucker in my 54G, giving gradually increasing shade to my anubias and crypts in that tank. I say “gradually increasing shade” because at every water change I compost all but a handful of the floating plant, and by the next water change two weeks later it’s usually covering the water surface.

Phyllanthus fluitans

Ever since I started mixing 10,000K and 6400K bulbs over that tank, the Phyllanthus fluitans has started flowering. I decided to pull out my Kenko 68mm extension tubes with my 100mm macro lense to try and get a good close-up shot. This flower is only 1-2mm across in diameter.

Phyllanthus fluitans

2 Responses to “Phyllanthus fluitans Flower”

  1. Mike Says:

    Love the redroot floater pics. Your lowlight aquarium is really stunning. I’m currently getting ready to redo a 75g and hope I can end up with something as pleasing as your’s! If you ever have any extra redroot floaters you’d like to sell I’d happily buy them.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the complements Mike! Good luck on your 75G gallon!