Apistogramma sp. ‘Rotpunkt’

September 25th, 2007

I have been keeping Apistogramma sp. ‘Rotpunkt’ for some time now. I originally received them from Rob in GWAPA, trading him my Apistogramma panduros for six juveniles. While not as flashy as the panduros, they’re still very attractive fish. Their specific taxonomy has yet to really be nailed down. Kullander has named one species formerly know as ‘Rotpunkt’ as Apistogramma alacrina, but it’s likely that this does not describe the most common color morph in the hobby. There are also other color morphs named A. sp. ‘Puerto NariƱo’ and A. sp. ‘Schwarsaum’ that are likely just variations on A. sp. ‘Rotpunkt.’

Apistogramma sp. 'Rotpunkt' Male

The Rotpunkt are very timid fish in my experience. I’ve been trying to get semi-decent pictures of these fish for months, but every time I attempted to setup my photo gear, they spent the next hour toward the back of the tank out of view. I finally managed to take these shots last week after setting everything up, and occasionally revisiting the tank throughout the day to snap some pictures.

Apistogramma sp. 'Rotpunkt' Male

I have a couple of dominant males in the tank (shown above), and thus they have paired up with a few of the different females. I don’t know how many spawns I’ve had, but suffice to say that they don’t seem to be that picky about their breeding conditions. One of the juveniles (shown below) is just starting to color up. I suspect that he’ll probably keep this coloration for some time unless I move him from the tank to claim his own territory.

Apistogramma sp. 'Rotpunkt' Young Male
The females are attractive fish, having more black bars on their side than many of the apistogramma I have kept. When spawning, they become an absolutely stunning yellow. Just like the A. cacatuoides, they really seem to like the crevices provided by the porous mossy rock.

Apistogramma sp. 'Rotpunkt' Female

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  2. Sjaak Says:


    Great pics of the Apistogramma. How many do you have? And how big is your tank? I am curious about it. I saw them in de the LFS and really would like to have them. So every information is welcome.

    Greetz Sjaak, The Netherlands

  3. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Sjaak. I’m no longer keep these particular Apistogramma, but at the time of this blog post, I had a colony of 7-9 fish in a 40 gallon breeder aquarium, heavily planted. They bred several times for me, and are great fish, but ultimately I sold them to try some other fish.

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