Eleocharis sp. ‘Japan’

April 15th, 2008

I have recently replanted the foreground of my 75G aquarium with a new dwarf hairgrass that I came across called Eleocharis sp. ‘Japan.’ I ordered four pots of this plant in a GWAPA group order, and noticed that it looked just like any other hairgrass when it arrived. The reason for this is that the potted plants were grown emersed, and didn’t exhibit the unique behavior that is present in the submersed form.

Eleocharis sp. 'Japan'

Submersed, Eleocharis sp. ‘Japan’ curls downward toward the substrate, creating an effect not present with regular hairgrass. You can see in the picture below how all of the new submersed growth is doing exactly that. Otherwise, this plant grows just as you would expect; it spreads by runners throughout the substrate. It took a little while to get going after I first planted it, but it is now finally starting to take off. I’m hoping that it will cover the entire foreground in another month or two.

Eleocharis sp. 'Japan'

I will post an update once it has filled in, but I’m expecting this to be a very nice, and unique, addition to my 75G aquascape.

5 Responses to “Eleocharis sp. ‘Japan’”

  1. Aaron Says:

    That’s looking like some good stuff there Kris. I got another new type called Eleocharis sp. ‘Belem’ the other day too. It seems to grow in a similar fashion.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Aaron, that’s pretty cool. Maybe we’ll have to swap some to compare it. 😉

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