Apistogramma hongsloi ‘Super Rostrich’

April 17th, 2008

Last weekend, I purchased a pair of Apistogramma hongsloi ‘Super Rostrich’ from fellow CCA members, TwoFishGuyz. I had been looking at a number of West African cichlids for my 75G tank, but I came across these guys, and decided to stick with my beloved Apistogramma.

Apistogramma honglsoi 'Super Rostrich'

Apistogramma hongsloi ‘Super Rostrich’ are a captive bred strain of A. hongsloi that are selected to have more vivid coloration than their wild kin. This particular strain also has longer lyre-tailed fins. As far as Apistos go, this particular species gets fairly large at 3-4″ for males, similar to other members of the Macmasteri group, such as A. veijita. Despite still being fairly young, you can see the potential coloration of the male in the photo above.

Apistogramma honglsoi 'Super Rostrich'

As usual, the female is much less impressive (shown above), exhibiting a somewhat awkward body shape, and having the typical black markings on the front of their dorsal and pelvic fins, with an otherwise, mostly yellow body. So far, mine haven’t really seemed to bond, but hopefully in time, love will set in. *laugh*

Apistogramma honglsoi 'Super Rostrich'

Despite the lack of mating behavior, they’re both fairly lively fish. The male is especially active, swimming up and down the glass, looking at me. Hopefully, after plenty of live foods, they will settle in, and produce a nice little colony of Apistogramma for my 75G.

4 Responses to “Apistogramma hongsloi ‘Super Rostrich’”

  1. Jason Says:

    I have an African cichlid question. Perhaps you can help.

    I am looking for a cichlid to put in my 100 gallon, which already has some bichirs in it. The cichlid has to be African, and since some of the bichirs have big mouths, it needs to be at least six inches long when I buy it.

    Easy enough to find, but I’d also like it not to cost $70. Do you know of any that fit that bill?

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about African cichlids, except for a handful of the West African dwarfs.

  3. Katrice Duzan Says:

    Excellent post man, keep the nice work, just shared this with my friendz

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