54G – Low Tech Aquascape Filling In

May 9th, 2008

It’s been almost two months since I setup this aquascape, and it’s finally starting to fill in a little bit. The crypts in the foreground are beginning to cover up the substrate, and everything else is fanning out a little bit. The only thing I have been dosing is a few milliliters of Seachem Flourish every day, which seems to prevent most of the deficiencies that would creep up otherwise. I also have Flourish tabs in the substrate to feed the crypts.

54G - 5/8/2008

I do have one sad note regarding this tank. One of the two oldest fish, both chinese algae eaters, I had had since I got back into aquariums nearly 6 years ago passed away last weekend. All of the other fish in the tank are healthy, so I’m guessing that he simply died from old age. RIP CAE. As far as the aquascape goes, if anyone has any comments or criticisms, please leave them in the comment section — I’m always looking to improve my scapes. 🙂

3 Responses to “54G – Low Tech Aquascape Filling In”

  1. m@ Says:

    Are you dosing any kind of carbon supplement? How is your algae?

  2. guitarfish Says:

    m@, nope, no carbon supplement. I have a little bit of green spot algae on the glass/leaves at times, but otherwise, there’s no algae. Dosing Seachem Flourish has prevented this tank from getting blue-green algae, which can occur when nitrates bottom out.

  3. Rami Says:

    Lovely tank, and I’m sorry for your loss. :C