Sulawesi Shrimp – Orchid and Six Banded Black Bee

May 18th, 2008

I recently had the opportunity to get a batch of the new shrimp from Sulawesi, Indonesia. It appears that these are starting to appear in import lists, which indicates that the shrimp farms overseas are starting to figure out how to breed them. With many varieties to choose from, the first one I wanted to try and breed was the Orchid Shrimp, shown below. Outside of one, none of these shrimp are scientifically described as anything other than Caridina sp.

Orchid Shrimp From Sulawesi
Orchid Shrimp

I chose the Orchid Shrimp because it has white marbled nicely throughout a red body. The one described species, Caridina spongicola (sold as Celebes Beauty Bee), may be even more striking, but I had read that it is more delicate than the others. Unfortunately for me, the Orchids didn’t ship very well either, and the one shown above is the only one I received. I’m hoping to get some replacements in a few weeks.

Six Banded Black Bee Shrimp From Sulawesi
Six Banded Black Bee Shrimp

Otherwise, I wanted one of the black shrimp that I had seen pictures of. Originally ordering one by the name of Power Blue Bee, I had to end up substituting for the Six Banded Black Bee due to availability, shown above. When I received the shrimp, they were nearly transparent, and I was a little bit upset. Overnight, the bodies have darkened up considerably, revealing the six light bars across their backs. One of mine was carrying eggs, so I’m hopeful that they will readily reproduce so that I can spread them around a little bit locally.

Overall, my first impressions of these shrimp are that they’re smaller than cherries, and much more timid. As you can tell from the pictures, they’re not hanging out in areas of the tank that are convenient to photograph. I have them in a 10G tank with crushed coral in a bag under the substrate, and 3M ColorQuartz sand. I’m keeping the temperature around 80 degrees. I made the mistake of using black sand, which makes finding the shrimp a bit of a bear. Otherwise, I’m glad that I went through with this order, and really hope to successfully breed them. I’ll be sure to update the website with their progress.

8 Responses to “Sulawesi Shrimp – Orchid and Six Banded Black Bee”

  1. Tennessee Mom Says:

    Have you had any luck with these guys? I wanted to get my hands on some, preferably tank bred, but everyone seems to have wild ones.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    I’m still working on them. They’re surviving, but I haven’t seen any babies yet. Unfortunately, due to my Nova Scotia trip, I haven’t been able to really focus on them yet.

  3. HsuPi Says:

    In my tank, I already get a lot of baby. I use pH8.3 Temp. is 26-28 C. They eat the zooplankton.

  4. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the advice HsuPi!

  5. Sulawesi Shrimp - Six Banded Black Bees-- Guitarfish Says:

    […] haven’t talked about the Sulawesi shrimp that I got for awhile. Mostly, that’s because I only have two left, and am still waiting to get some […]

  6. Don Says:

    Any updates on these shrimp? Do you currently have any other Sulawesi shrimp? Thanks!

  7. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comment Don. Unfortunately, I lost all of these, most of them in transit, and the rest when the tank I had them in crashed. I haven’t gotten any more since, as I’m waiting for them to become more available in stores. (I have seen the C. spongicola in a local store, so I presume the others are coming, even though they’re all still a bit pricey.)

  8. cico Says:

    this is a rare site with exl. photo.
    thank you kris

    from croatia