2.5G Scape – 1 Week In

July 7th, 2008

My 2.5G aquascape is now planted, and a week old. I haven’t really seen a ton of growth yet, but I’m hoping that the plants are just getting themselves acclimated to the conditions. I am running pressurized CO2 into the aquarium in hopes that it will speed things along.

2.5G - 1 Week

The plants are pretty bread and butter type plants for a nano tank. From left to right, in the back I’ve got Downoi, Narrowleaf Java Fern, and Java Fern ‘Trident/Fingers’. In the foreground, there’s Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC) and Anubias barteri var. ‘nana petite’ in the midground. I’m going to need to thicken up the downoi a little bit, and let the HC grow in, but otherwise, if those two things happen, I’m pretty happy with this aquascape. As always, I would love some comments/critiques.

15 Responses to “2.5G Scape – 1 Week In”

  1. m@ Says:

    How are you controlling the CO2 and what dosing schedule are you using? Maybe I missed it, but I don’t know what wattage you’re using on this tank either.

  2. Rami Says:

    I think it looks good so far! The only thing I’d do is perhaps put a small green something with broader leaves in the rock triangle on the left side.. Maybe continue with the plants you placed in the center? Anyways, can’t wait to see the tank when the greenery starts bushing up. 🙂

  3. guitarfish Says:

    m@: For the CO2, I have a 3-outlet manifold on the pressurized regulator that I use for my 40G tank. Each outlet has a bubble counter and needle valve, so I can fine tune the bubble rate for the 2.5G from there. Since there are no fish in this tank, I’m not too worried about cranking it up.

    I’m not currently dosing anything since I’m using fresh ADA Aquasoil, which in my experience does not need to be dosed for the first 4-6 weeks, outside of the occasional addition of K.

    Rami: Thanks for your comment. I could probably jam a few more Anubias ‘nana petite’ in that crack between the rocks. 🙂

  4. Michelle Says:

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  5. Tennessee Mom Says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the plants with those rocks. But there is something I don’t like about the soil, I just don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the the color, or the shape, or the amount. Maybe it’s the soil with those rocks. I don’t know, I don’t have an eye for art so I should probably just shut up.

  6. guitarfish Says:

    I do agree Tennessee Mom. The Malayan aquasoil is definitely a lighter color than the Amazonia aquasoil. I’m hoping that once the HC spreads across that very little of the aquasoil will show.

  7. Tennessee Mom Says:

    I saw a 2.5 gallon like the one you have in Petsmart the other day. It’s the first one I’ve seen, and it’s so tiny! I was surprised at how small it is. But your pictures make it look like a 10 gallon!

  8. Tennessee Mom Says:

    Is that a palm filter on the back?

  9. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Tennessee Mom! The filter on the back is a Red Sea Nano Deco. I highly recommend it!

  10. teaparties Says:

    Very pretty. Are you going to let any of the HC grow on the rocks or let it stay just around the base? I kinda think the rocks, at least on the right need to be covered up a bit more. Maybe when more of the downoi grows out some can spill over on it?

    Out of curiosity, how large will the java fern ‘trident’ grow? I was thinking of putting some in my 2.5 whenever some comes up on APC, but if it’ll overgrow the tank that would be a problem.

  11. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comment teaparties. I’m hoping that the HC will grow and drape over some of the rocks, same with the downoi. The Java Fern ‘trident’ is full grown right now. I highly recommend it. I have a large stand of it in my 75G and it looks fantastic. Best Java Fern in my opinion.

  12. teaparties Says:

    Cool. Remember me if you ever sell any.

  13. kim Says:

    i always see these aquascapes but i can’t find the nicely textured stones they use, if i knew what they were i could probably find them

  14. guitarfish Says:

    Kim, these particular rocks were found in a California landscaping rockyard, and sold as “porous mossy rock.” I believe they may be basalt, which is a volcanic rock. They’re fantastic for aquarium use!

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