Tree Frog Visit!

July 9th, 2008

I was inspecting my beast of an Amish Squash plant the other day, and on one of the neighboring zucchini leaves, I noticed that a tiny little frog had taken refuge. In past years, I’ve always had bullfrogs and common pond frogs take residence in my raised brick pond, but I’ve never seen a tree frog in my backyard before.

Gray Tree Frog

Doing some research online, I suspect that this is Hyla versicolor which is supposed to be one of the most common tree frogs in my area. The common name is the Gray Tree Frog.

Gray Tree Frog

He wasn’t particularly fond of my camera, and kept inching away from me. Quite typically, he had to have a piece of mulch stuck to his back, so that I couldn’t get an unencumbered picture.

Gray Tree Frog

I love the pads of tree frog’s feet, when spread out, gripping the surface of the leaf. It’s amazing how similar these local frogs are to their Amazon counterparts that I photographed last summer. Of course, the coloration of those frogs were a bit brighter in many cases.

Gray Tree Frog

After chasing this guy across a few zucchini leaves, I decided to leave him be. I hope he stays around for awhile, as a small army of frogs might come in handy once the squash bugs and cucumber beetles arrive!

3 Responses to “Tree Frog Visit!”

  1. Tennessee Mom Says:

    Oh he’s adorable! How did you manage to get your camera and come back and he’s still there? I was lifting up boards yesterday looking for any earthworms to give to my cichlids, and saw a tiny green frog. I wish I could find a CD of night sounds. It rained for the first time in weeks yesterday and last night there was an army of sounds outside and I didn’t know what any of them were.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    He was pretty content on his leaf, that he stuck around while I got the camera. I love nightsounds! If you think the sounds are from frogs, this website lists all frogs by state, and many of the individual frog pages have sound clips of their calls:

  3. Tennessee Mom Says:

    Thank you for that link! The sound last night was a Cope’s Gray Treefrog. Not sure what that little green frog I saw was. I’ll have to see if he’s still there a little later. Too many mozzies out right now after the rain.

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