75G – August Update!

August 28th, 2008

I’ve changed a few things around in my 75G since my previous update last month. Most noticeably, I have thinned out a ton of the Blyxa japonica that was in the front right. Overall, I think this gives the right side a little bit more definition because it allows a small amount of foreground all the way across the front of the tank. I’ve been continuing my extra attention to this tank, ensuring weekly water changes, consistent CO2 output, and regular dosing. The payoff has been increased growth and a small reduction of the black brush algae that seems to love the rocks, wood, and Anubias leaves in this tank.


75G - August 27, 2008. Click for larger image.

As you can tell, however, I still probably need to dose more fertilizers, nitrates in particular. That is evident in the bright pink color of the Limnophila aromatica and Ludwigia glandulosa on the right side of the tank. In addition, I probably have too many species of plants in this tank. I’ve recently added Vallisneria americana var. ‘natans’ to the right side of the tank, which is supposed to be a shorter and thinner version of the otherwise monster grassy plant that is Vallisneria americana. I also planted Hygrophila sp. ‘Porto Velho in the front-right of the foreground, and have a number of other species of plants jammed in, particularly on the right side. All of this said, I’m pretty happy with the direction that this aquascape is going in. I wish the Eleocharis sp. ‘Japan’ hairgrass would pick up it’s growth rate, and actually create a lush lawn in the foreground, but I suppose it’s just a matter of time for that. Comments welcome!

7 Responses to “75G – August Update!”

  1. Eugen Says:

    In my opinion you should drop the moss on the wood. It looked better when the tank was not that full, but know it just looks like something is floating in disorder.
    Overall this is an an amazing job.
    I would like to see higher resolutions of you scapes, I like looking at details.


  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Eugen! The number of species is definitely contributing to making it full as well as the moss. For a higher resolution picture, just click on the image — a larger one should pop up.

  3. Kim Says:

    I love the red/pink plants, breaks up all that green. It’s beautiful and I love your tanks. I’d love to see ALL our tanks!

  4. Eugen Says:

    I was thinking even higher, or a two piece as this a long tank.

  5. Kim Says:

    BTW, I am so jealous of all the wonderful events you have in your area in the coming months, catfish conventions, plant conventions, cichlid conventions. Not to mention the awesome aquatic plant “club” you run. You are so lucky!

  6. Rob Says:


    Looks like its time to thin out some of the midground to get some better definition. Really like how its grown in but I feel you are starting to lose some of your central plants.

    Not sure I like the low gro hygro(assuming) on the left. I think the leaf size is too large for that area…jmo….I would think that a stand or erio might do well there with the aubertii as a background. I think it would also lend more definition to the crypt that is growing in there.

    Not sure what plant is in the middle of the foreground/midground but it looks like a tangled web, with a slight trim though I imagine that the plant is in the right spot.

    Now here is the shocker…..think its time to trim down some red plants….I know, Rob suggesting less red is a shock but I think in the center back it either needs to be lower due to you taking out alot of the japonica or the number of stems needs to be increased to be less of an impact than the current two stems make.

    Really like it, cant wait for mine to get back to that point. Still trying to figure out how to get a 75 dedicated to plants but it will have to wait until I sell off some of the larger fish. Until then, the Jewel tank is going to be as close as I get to a heavily planted larger tank.


  7. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for your comments Rob. I definitely agree on the Low Grow. It’s just a problem of not enough tank space for all the plants I want to hang on to. The red plants definitely need a trim as well. The L. aromatica, in particular, I was letting grow tall before trimming because those are the only two stems I have left, so I want to make sure they’re good and healthy. That web of plants in the middle is the Erio. sp. ‘Type 2,’ which does need to be trimmed.

    You’ll have your tanks back and setup before you know it!

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