Plants from San Francisco

August 31st, 2008

My wife recently got back from a work-related conference in San Francisco, CA. While she was there, she quite awesomely went to one of the premiere planted aquarium stores in the United States to check out their plant selection and take some pictures.

Aqua Forest Aquarium

After spending nearly 30 minutes on the phone with me, reading off (and butchering quite humorously) countless Latin plant names, I finally had a list for her of the ones I wanted. Basically, I was looking for any plant that I either haven’t heard of, or wasn’t entirely sure if could be a variation a plant I’ve seen.

Plants from Aqua Forest Aquarium

We ended up with the following:

  • Hygrophila sp. (Looks like ‘Porto Vehlo’ to me.)
  • Ranunculus paplentus (Looks like ‘R. inundatus’ to me.)
  • Limnophila sp. “Broad Leaf”
  • Limnophila sp. “Needle Leaf”
  • Eriocaulaceae sp. “Large Crown”  (Looks like ‘Type 3’ to me.)
  • Hygrophila balsamica var. ‘Broad Leaf’
  • Nymphea sp. “Four Color”
  • Melastomataceae sp. ‘Sao francisco’
  • Rotala sp. ‘Araguaia’

I’ve got all of these planted now, and hope to grow them out. I can’t imagine being able to go into your local LFS and having the selection of plants that San Franciscan’s have. Truly incredible!

Aqua Forest Aquarium

Otherwise, you can tell that this store knows how to grow and sell plants. Looks how every tank is packed with plants, many of them rare. Their display tanks are phenomenal, appropriately exhibiting an Amanoesque Nature Aquarium style.

Aqua Forest Aquarium

Even down to the fish choice of neon tetras, ADA tanks, and glassware. My wife said that they carried the whole line of ADA aquascaping tools, but didn’t get a price on them. (I probably don’t want to know.)

Aqua Forest Aquarium

In addition, she said that they had made planted tanks out of several non-conventional containers, be it standard fish bowls, vases, etc… They also had a whole selection of shrimp, which from her description sound very much like the new ones from Sulawesi.

Aqua Forest Aquarium

All in all, I’m jealous that I wasn’t able to go myself, but am incredibly thankful that my wife took the time to stop in and take these pictures, and grab the plants for me. I’m a lucky man!

9 Responses to “Plants from San Francisco”

  1. Mallory Says:

    I’m extremely jealous as well! After many orders from Aqua Forest, I so long to visit the store myself… if not only to save on shipping costs.

    Thanks for sharing the pics, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the new plants do!

  2. Chris Says:

    Drool, I want to go!

  3. Kim Says:

    That sure beats the selection at my local Petsmart! 🙂

  4. Phillip Brown Says:

    Wow. Wish we had that store here in the UK.

  5. Lolly Says:

    It really was a beautiful store – and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I don’t think I butchered the Latin names *that* bad 🙂

  6. Aaron Says:

    Hey, I see Rotala mexicana on that list. Are you holding out on us Kris? 😀

  7. guitarfish Says:

    Unfortunately not! (Anyone has R. mexicana they’ll sell me — use the Contact Me link above?) That was just one of the plants I asked for, but they didn’t have it.

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