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    Sun Snail Chickaree at Mariposa Grove
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75G – In Need of Attention

October 11th, 2008

I’ve been quite busy this week with a number of non-aquarium related things going on, so it’s no surprise that I haven’t been able to post, or tend my aquariums as much as I would normally like to. I have continued to dose my 75G every morning, however, and when I do that, without much attention, it soon turns into this overgrown jungle.

75G - Needs a Trim!

Click for larger image

The Stargrass, in particular, in the back right/middle has completely taken over the area, shading out everything in front of it. Fortunately, all I have are a bunch of crypts, anubias, and other non-light-hungry plants there. I hope to be able to clean up this tank a bit this weekend, so that it’s back in tip-top shape in a week or two. If I’m really ambitious, I might change up the aquascape a little bit because I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. We’ll see. I’ll post an updated picture once I have it back to a more presentable state.

3 Responses to “75G – In Need of Attention”

  1. Mallory Says:

    Yeah, I love my Stargrass, but it sometimes overtakes its neighbors in fairly short order!

    Is that the Eleocharis sp. Japan that is still refusing to grow in along the front?

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Yeah, the Eleocharis sp. Japan is a slow grower for sure! Although, I’m sure it’s not getting the full light that it probably wants either.

  3. 75G - Cleaned Up-- Guitarfish Says:

    […] As promised, here is a picture of my 75G after some trimming and cleaning up. I didn’t end up changing the aquascape very much, but that will hopefully come before too long. I have changed the fauna in this tank, however. I managed to fish out about 15 Corydoras paleatus, which I sold in the catfish convention auction. […]

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