AGA 2008: Takashi Amano: Aquascaping Demo

November 19th, 2008

Saturday afternoon at the 2008 Aquatic Gardener’s Association Convention, Takashi Amano setup a beautiful ADA 90P aquarium from start to finish to demonstrate how to properly design an aquascape. With many helpers at hand, and tables full of rocks, wood, substrate, and plants, he began by segmenting with poster-board the floor of the aquarium into bright sand and aquasoil sections.

Amano Aquascaping at AGA 2008

He then added the substrate, and positioned moss-covered-rocks along the line between the two types of substrate. After positioning the driftwood, he began positioning ferns and Anubias into the hardscape. One thing with Mr. Amano, is that he plants incredibly densely, so that when he’s done, it looks like a near finished aquascape. (Often times hobbyists don’t have the luxury of having that many plants available to scape with, and have to grow them out within the aquascape.)

Amano Aquascaping at AGA 2008

Once the more static plants were in place, Amano partially filled up the tank with water, and began planting the stem and other background plants. Again, he planted very densely, so that it would only require a couple trims before the aquascape was completely full and lush.

Amano Aquascaping at AGA 2008

After filling up the tank, and allowing the water to clear, below is his finished scape. It’s amazing what he was able to pull off in just about an hour. Beautiful!

Finished AmanoScape at AGA 2008

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  1. m@ Says:

    This is like when people that can draw doodle the most amazing things effortlessly. If it wasn’t so amazing, it’d just be depressing.

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    […] "high tech" tanks typically means high/med-high light, CO2 and ferts. This also means lots of growth and most likely a good amount of stem plants. I would strongly discourage you to do a dirt tank id this is the case and strongly encourage you to get the ADA substrate. By volume (what matters), it isn't that expensive and one of the better substrates for the conditions you are aiming for. If you like sand, your best bet is to do ADA Amazonia in the back, and partition and use decorative sand in the front where you won't plant much. I'd save money and not get anyother ADA substrate stuff, just the amazonia. Powersand is nice, but gets ugly when you have to uproot. This might be useful for you Amano aquascapes in 2 Minutes – YouTube AGA 2008: Takashi Amano: Aquascaping Demo– Guitarfish […]