54G – Native Plant Aquascape – 2 Weeks

February 16th, 2009

The aquascape utilizing plants native to my area is now 2 weeks old in my 54G corner aquarium. Starting last week, I began getting lots of green spot algae on the glass indicating that the initial burst of phosphates in the ADA Aquasoil was starting to run out. So, after conducting a few tests, I did a water change, and began dosing phosphate, potassium, and traces, and soon after, the plants (and algae) are responding well.

54G - Native Plants, 2 Weeks

After my initial planting, I have added Elatine americana and Eleocharis acicularis. I wanted the hairgrass around the rocks to be a little bit taller, so I used Eleocharis acicularis there. I’m in the process of acquiring Eleocharis parvulus, which is much shorter to use in the more wide open areas. Elatine americana is the beautiful fine-leaved plant to the right of the large rock, which some club members collected in NJ, but is also native to Maryland. I’m still planning on putting Proserpinaca palustris and Rotala ramosior in this tank once I grow out a few more stems in other aquariums. Once my plants are little more established, I’ll add the fish, but that’s likely at least a month away. Comments/critiques welcome!

7 Responses to “54G – Native Plant Aquascape – 2 Weeks”

  1. Phillip Brown Says:

    I like the planting but at the moment that big rock on the left is too dominant, but it may be softened as the plants grow.

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Phillip! I go back and forth about that. Unfortunately, my rock pile of slate has dwindled so I don’t really have many options until the ground thaws a little bit outside. That said, the distortion of rounded front aquariums is a funny thing. From some angles the rock looks perfect, and others it’s too big like you mention. I’ll definitely consider changing it if I get some suitable replacements.

  3. Patrick Kerwin Says:

    Looks great Kris, it’s nice to see Elatine Americana working it’s way into the hobby, looks like an awesome plant!

    I got a few new darters and some shiners over the weekend for my 75 gallon over the weekend. Are your darters still kicking around?

  4. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Patrick! Yes, Elatine americana is a very nice plant. Reminds me of Microcarpea minima.

    That’s great about the darters and shiners. Unfortunately, I lost my darter some time ago. I never even found the remains, it just disappeared. That’s a shame, as I really liked the guy. I’d like to try collecting some more come warmer weather.

  5. clas gustafson Says:

    Nice scape! love it! Elantine Americana is not avalable in sweden unfortunally! What do you mean with darters an shiners??

  6. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks Clas! I imagine Elatine americana will make it over there eventually. As far as I know, it was just recently introduced to the hobby here within the last couple months.

    Darters and shiners are some types of fish that are local to our area. They are not commonly found in the hobby, but are nice fish for people interested in keeping North American natives.

  7. Mark F. Says:

    I’m actually guessing, since Elatine americana is adapted to a temperate climate with cool winters, that there might be some regulation against its importation into Europe, as a precaution against possible invasiveness. I know there’s been some problems over there with a few other North American natives.

    I’m looking forward to next month’s update on this tank! As others have already stated, it’s looking good so far.