Quarantine Aquascape

July 7th, 2009

I got some new rocks from a friend in GWAPA, and wanted to try them out in a tank. Unfortunately, the only free aquarium at the moment was my 20L, which was used primarily as a quarantine tank and place to hold some extra low-light plants. My friend is lucky enough to have these rocks buried in his yard. They seem to be a composite of quartz and slate, with some having very attractive orange bands through them. Overall, they have a fair amount of character up close.

20L Quarantine Aquarium

20L - Click picture for larger view

The aquascape isn’t tremendous, but  I think it could have some potential if I paid much attention to it. This tank has previously been a major farm of cladophora algae, but after moving about 20 Amano Shrimp from my 40G into here, they’ve really done a tremendous job of getting it under control. If they can keep it that way, I may very well enjoy maintaining a small scape in this aquarium. I just have to make sure I can easily fish out any quarantine fish! Comments welcome.

5 Responses to “Quarantine Aquascape”

  1. Mark F. Says:

    What’s the rusty-colored stem plant to the left? The scape will look better when that grows out, or if you plant another similar stem next to it … also, I’d do something to break up the open space near the center – maybe a diagonally positioned branch of manazanita, covered with a little moss? I guess the challenge to that would be finding a manzanita branch small enough. This scape definitely has potential – as always, I’ll look forward to what ever solution you come up with; you always manage to amaze!

    I enjoyed your last post as well … with all of the meticulous (sp?), beautifully scaped tanks you’ve posted, I’ve often wondered: where is Kris’s token jungle tank? Now I realize – it’s in your back yard!


  2. James Says:

    The tank looks great!

  3. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! The rusty-colored stem is a stunted (most everything is stunted in this tank) stem of Ludwigia repens x arcuata. It’s a very pretty plant (and easy-to-grow) one though. Thanks for the tip on the manzanita. I’ll see if I have any branches that fit.

    You’re right about the pond being a jungle. Then again, most of my tanks inside are looking a little overgrown — it happens when it’s nice outside!

  4. Al Says:

    I would never think about using those type of rocks, simply out of fear that I would kill it. But hey, if you make it work that’s fine. You have arranged them very nicely and it looks good overall…something I probably wouldn’t accomplish so easily.

  5. clas Says:

    thumbs up from sweden!!