210G Aquascaping Photoshoot

September 8th, 2009

This past weekend I was asked by a fellow GWAPA member to come over and help them take pictures of their 210G aquarium for the upcoming AGA Aquascaping Contest deadline on September 15th. I hadn’t actually seen Michael’s aquarium before, but I had heard some pretty amazing things about it. For starters, it’s a 210G custom-built aquarium using starfire glass, and fully plumbed into his home’s water-supply.

Michael's 210G Aquarium

He has a constant drip trickling into the system, providing roughly a 10% water change every single day. This probably wouldn’t otherwise be required, but he really wants to keep his beautiful school of discus in pristine health. The plumbing is directly in the middle of tank, but he has aquascaped his tank, which is viewable by three sides, in such a way that all equipment is completely hidden.


The discus are phenomenal, being excellent stock from Discus Hans here in Baltimore. They did a pretty good job queuing up in a line while we were shooting the rest of the aquarium. If you’re wondering where the front-on aquarium shots are, I don’t want to post those until after the AGA contest is over.


It really is wonderful to be part of an aquarium club where you can learn so much stuff from the ways other folks have setup their tanks. Some day, I would love to have a large aquarium like this as the wall in-between two rooms, but that won’t happen anytime soon. It was a great opportunity to go over and see how Michael setup his magnificent aquarium. Thanks Michael!

6 Responses to “210G Aquascaping Photoshoot”

  1. Stephen R Says:

    What a beautiful tank and awesome fish.
    I always thought it a little strange more people with bigger tanks do not have them designed with the house’s water system.

    Say hello to Mr. Robert if you see him anytime soon.

  2. Jed Says:

    Awesome shots!

    Heads up, you feed is broken.

  3. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! Jed, fixed the feed. I appreciate the heads up!

  4. Phillip Brown Says:

    That is wonderful.

  5. Jim Says:

    OMG! What an awesome tank!

    Can’t wait to see full frontals and the specs after AGA.

  6. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for reminding me Jim! More photos here: