Nannacara anomala Babies!

October 1st, 2009

I went to feed the fish in my 75G this evening, and to my delight, one of my three Nannacara anomala females (I have a male and 3 females) were guarding a swarm of fry in the front right of the tank. Fortunately, this is the perfect place to take pictures, despite the dirty glass.

Nannacara anomala mom & fry!

I’m wondering if the other females are also holding fry because the male was staying in another territory with another female, and wouldn’t come out in the open for a picture. Two of the three females are in breeding coloration, which is a predominantly black body with yellow highlights. Their normal coloration is mostly a drab yellow.

Nannacara anomala fry!

The fry were grazing on tiny micro-particles in the beard algae. (Yes I have a little bit of beard algae.) I dissolved a small amount of frozen brine shrimp, which floated down toward them. Being frozen, there were plenty of other smaller particles that the fry were able to fit in their tiny mouths. The female (and other fish) took care of the larger brine shrimp.

Nannacara anomala mom & fry!

These Nannacara anomala are incredibly entertaining fish to watch. The females all have their territories, and the male glides back and forth between them without any commotion. If a female strays too far from her territory, a bordering female makes sure to chase her away, flaring fins and nipping. Fortunately, there’s plenty of room in the 75G for them to occupy without any major damage. Now, I need to focus on rising up these fry!

7 Responses to “Nannacara anomala Babies!”

  1. Phillip Brown Says:

    Congratulations – and great pictures.

  2. L Says:

    That first picture was one I took 🙂
    Yea for babies!

  3. hydrophyte Says:

    Congatulations! Those are super cute. I just read a little about that fish and it sounds like a nice one for a planted tank.

  4. Tmom Says:

    They are adorable!

  5. David Zoffer Says:

    Do you have have any N. anomala babies for sale?

  6. guitarfish Says:

    Unfortunately, David, I was not able to raise any up to adulthood. Hopefully they will breed again.

  7. teigan Says:

    are you located in ontairo canada? if so then next time they breed i’d be interested in some