Apistogramma baenschi ‘Inka 50’ Videos

February 10th, 2010

Since there’s multiple feet of snow outside, I’ve been sitting inside trying to come up with creative things to occupy my time. Today, I pulled out our old video camera and headed into the fishroom. I lucked upon some interesting activity going on in my 50G with the colony of Apistogramma baenschi ‘Inka 50’ . First, I have a video of a female in full bright yellow coloration guarding a little patch of territory she’s carved out underneath some Blyxa japonica stems.

Next, I caught two males displaying to each other, with the largest, most dominate one eventually chasing the other away. This happens all of the time, and doesn’t usually end up with anyone getting injured. It’s interesting to me how in both of these videos, the Apistogramma only cares about other cichlids. They never chase away the other tetras. (This would change if they were actually protecting fry.)

Finally, after the male-to-male domination display earlier, his female approaches him doing a kind of odd-looking dance to indicate that she’s not a threat. Recognizing this, he lets her go into their patch of Blyxa that he’s protecting.

The behaviors of these cichlids provide unending fascination to me as I enjoy my aquariums during a  cold wintry day. Comments welcome!

5 Responses to “Apistogramma baenschi ‘Inka 50’ Videos”

  1. Warren Says:

    Gorgeous fish. I have to do an Apisto tank. Some day.


  2. guitarfish Says:

    Thanks for the comment Warren! I agree — I’ve kept quite a few different Apistogrammas, and while they’re all similar, they all have their individual quirks. Great fish to keep in a planted aquarium, too, as they don’t generally dig or otherwise rearrange the landscape.

  3. lolly Says:

    great idea for a post 🙂 you got some good footage too! maybe you can be their videographer?

  4. AquariumsLife.com Says:

    Those fish have a great personality. I love this fish. I also like the videos you made!


  5. Cichlid Says:

    I received 8 Apistogramma baenschi from a friend of mine 2 days ago. I’ve just kept African Cichlids but those are beauties. Thanks for putting up those videos.