20H – New Aquascape

March 16th, 2010

This weekend I decided to rescape my 20H aquaruim. Previously, I had been running this as a Riparium, but while I really did enjoy setting up the Riparium, I was ready to go back to a more traditional aquascape. In addition, I am doing a 20H aquascaping demonstration this weekend, and was told that I would have bogwood to use, so I wanted to practice a little bit in these dimensions.

20H Aquascape

I started by setting up the hardscape using a combination of African bogwood and slate. I was going for a large broken root system look in some form of a loose mound setup.

20H Aquascape

I also wanted to keep this aquarium somewhat low-tech using plants I had on hand, so I pulled out some standby Trident Java Fern, Anubias barteri var. ‘coffeefolia’, and assorted Cryptocoryne.

20H Aquascape

In the foreground I placed Ranalisma rostrata, and in the background I used Blyxa aubertii and Rotala sp. ‘Hra’. Of all of the plants in this tank, I would probably replace the Anubias with a smaller nana or petite variety, as the coffeefolia is a little bit too large. I should also probably tie some moss to the wood to make it a little bit softer.

20H Aquascape

Above is the aquarium shortly after filling it up. It’s definitely not the best aquascape I’ve ever done, but for simply toying around for a little while, I’m not too disappointed with it. Comments welcome!

4 Responses to “20H – New Aquascape”

  1. Phillip Brown Says:

    I like it, has a good form and will still look good in six months.

  2. Johnny Dinh Says:

    Not bad, I like the left side. I would move the coffefolia on the right to the right back behind that front stump.

  3. Stenny D Says:

    I am by noe means an expert on aquascaping and planted aquarium, but I really like it. Good work

  4. Mark F. Says:

    Looks great – and I’m sure it will look even better once the Ranalisma and Rotala have both grown out … I would second Johnny’s comment about the Anubias on the right; also, the break between the two mounds is a tad too centrally located – but, then, that’s probably hard to fix in a 20H because of the proportions of the tank … besides, the diagonal aspect of the left piece of wood definitely helps off-set that, though I agree with your own comment that it could use a little moss. Wish I could be at this weekend’s GWAPA meeting to see what you do there!