Garden Progress

April 17th, 2010

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, with the cold weather slowly being replaced with the warm, the greening of the trees, and of course the start of the gardening season. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my backyard tilling soil, mixing in compost, and otherwise prepping my beds.

Young Spinach

I’ve also sowed several seeds a few weeks ago, which are now beginning to spring to life. I got the Spinach in a little bit late, but the first real leaves are beginning to show up on my plants. Other gardeners have told me that I should sow Spinach seeds in the fall to have an even earlier crop. That’s on my to-do list for this fall.


Our chives are always one of the first things to pop up in the spring, and now they’re fully grown in. Our oregano, tarragon, mint, thyme, and sage have also sprung back to life from the winter. Unfortunately, 3 feet of snow seemed to kill our rosemary, so we’ll have to replace that soon.

Young Dragon Carrot Plant

I’ve sowed the seeds for a couple of root vegetables, Dragon Carrots (purple carrots) and beets. Both are popping up and starting their growth. I also have some swiss chard and several lettuces in the ground.

Strawberry Flower

After planting our small strawberry patch 3 years ago, I’m hopefully that this year will finally be the year we have a decent harvest. The plants all look very healthy, with a lot of flowers. Since we do only have a small area dedicated to them, I need to cover them with some bird netting, as I believe the birds were the main consumers of the berries last year.

Snap Pea

I love watching our vines spring back up after reseeding themselves from the previous year. Yesterday, I spotted the first string bean shoot emerging from the soil, and our snap peas (pictured above) started popping up a couple weeks ago. I put a couple cucumber and squash plants in the ground to try and get an early start on them, covering the plants at night, but it’s still too cool for them to really take off it seems. Either way, it’s so exciting to be out in the garden, watching for new surprises everyday. The only downside: my aquariums suffer from a bit of neglect. I’d love to hear what you’re planting in the comments section!

5 Responses to “Garden Progress”

  1. Phillip Brown Says:

    Looking good, must be warmer than here in the UK

  2. lolly Says:

    lovely macros!!

  3. Wickberg Says:

    I love to read your blog! Unfortunately I don´t seem to find the time to update my own anymore. But spring has also arrived in Sweden 🙂 We only have a small balcony but i so far I’ve planted some herbs and also some hops wich I hope will cover the concrete wall in time.

  4. Rob Says:

    Can we get an update? Its been a month of growing time. How is it looking? Good thing I get to see it this Saturday at the meeting.

  5. guitarfish Says:

    The garden’s looking good. Everything is in the ground. The lettuce is loving the cooler, damp weather lately, and has been thinned for salads several times. We’ve eaten a couple bowls of strawberries already, and I can’t wait until we get some consecutive days of warm weather so the rest of the plants can really take off.

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