Growing Garden

June 2nd, 2010

I’d like to share a few photos that I snapped while I was outside in the garden today. The garden itself is really starting to take off with the warmer weather that we’ve been having lately. I have a number of volunteer tomato plants that came up from an heirloom assortment I grew last year. I’m sure they’ve hybridized now, but the outcomes have produced some very unique looking flowers (below).

Tomato Flowers

I’ve planted Nasturtium throughout the garden as a pest deterrent, and a wonderful peppery addition to salads. The Nasturtium leaf reminds me an awful lot of pennywort in our aquarium.


I’m also beginning to put some of my aquarium plants outside in the pond to grow for the summer. Already, at least four frogs have taken up residence in our small watering hole; more than in any previous year. That’s okay with me, however, as they certainly bring more intrigue to the backyard.


We’ve been picking a huge amount of lettuce greens from the garden. We have 8-9 different varieties, so our salad plates have been very full and tasty. In combination with a handful of strawberries, we’ve loved our early harvest.

Pick'n Lettuce

On Monday, our first tiger lily flowers opened up, revealing one of my most anticipated photo subjects each year. The colors that these flowers exhibit is nothing short of breathtaking. Even the unopened pods are pretty with striking orange colors.


I’ve been spending some time picking the flowers off of our thyme plants in order to encourage them to keep producing more leaves. The small purplish white flowers are abundant and fast replenishing after every picking.

Thyme Flowers

The pea vines are now several feet tall and producing the first pods of the season. The white flowers are a nice precursor to what I hope will be a plentiful yield of peas this year.

Pea Flower

Finally, it looks like our spinach season is over before it really even began. I got the spinach seeds in the ground too late this spring, so we only managed to snag a few flavorful leaves before the plants began to bolt from heat. I will replant in the fall, and try to overwinter them for a great harvest next year. I also have some warm-weather spinach in the ground now, which I hope will soon satisfy our spinach fix.

Bolting Spinach

I would love to hear how everyone else’s gardens are progressing. Please feel free to leave a note in the comment section.

3 Responses to “Growing Garden”

  1. Mushrooms Says:

    WOW! Do you know what the cultivar name of that tiger lily is?

  2. guitarfish Says:

    Mushrooms, unfortunately I don’t know. We planted them 7-8 years ago from a bulb pack that we got at either Home Depot or BJs. I asked my wife, and she seems to think that they might have hybridized, as she remembers that we used to have one set of red flowers, and another of orange. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Says:

    I slacked off majorly on planting veg this year. Instead, I picked up some more berry bushes and things from down by Charlottesville. Bunch of blueberries, lingonberries and a pomegranate bush. The pomegranate may get fruit only every couple of years up here, but they’re supposed to have beautiful flowers. I figure that’s even occasional fruit is better than no fruit. My grape vine has gone crazy and I made home-made dolmades last night for the first time. So delicious! The raspberries have completely taken over their bed and I need to make sorbet. I do seem to have a number of volunteer plants coming up from my composting attempts. Some unknown squash which will end up as fish food if not people tasty because of being a mutt hybrid. Some surprise tomatoes as well.

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