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GWAPA Meeting: April 2012

May 3rd, 2012

Last Saturday, Viktor hosted GWAPA’s April meeting. Viktor has a half dozen aquariums in his apartment, all of which are beautifully planted. We show tank is a 6 foot, 120+ gallon aquarium with a soil substrate that is thick with Cryptocoryne and several other easier plants.

Viktor's 120g

I always look forward to meetings at Viktor’s house because he is constantly adding new and interesting fish to his tanks. The fish that I now want the most is a hovering loach that stays about 1.5″ long and has vertical stripes on the body.

Amano Shrimp

Viktor’s 75G was lush with plants planted more Dutch style, without many hardscape items. The plants are all extremely heathly, and his tank are fairly low maintenance with soil substrates.

Viktor's 75g

He has another 75G rainbowfish tank with some old M. bosemanii rainbowish that are stunning. Given the cover of Val. nana, the rainbowfish streaked from end to end of the aquarium showing great coloration.

Viktor's 75g

After viewing the aquariums for awhile, Cavan Allen talked about plants from the Eriocaulaceae family, describing several plants that are not yet in the hobby. We had a good sized auction with rare plants that rival any club in the country. Yet another good GWAPA meeting!

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