33g – Getting Closer…

August 13th, 2012

I did some water changes this evening, and snapped a photo of my 33g as it stands today. The Elatine triandra is responding well to a trim that I did last week, and the rest of the plants are growing in well. I had to trim off a few leaves with black brush algae (BBA), since I got a little bit lax in my dosing over the past week or two, but it didn’t get out of control.

33G - August 13th Update

I’d love to hear any suggestions to refine the scape even more.

2 Responses to “33g – Getting Closer…”

  1. Wagner Says:

    Try adding a smaller rock in front of the principal one. And if you want, take off the plants between the two rocks (“clear the path”).
    I don’t know if there are shrimp in this aquarium, but if don’t add some. Everybody love shrimp 😀
    And post new things!

  2. Rick Says:

    I like this setup.