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Making of Aquavas Aquascape

December 25th, 2014

I posted a picture of my latest aquascape in the Aquavas aquarium recently. I want to walk through how the scape came together.


The hardscape consists of two large pieces of spiderwood and several locally collected rocks made up of quartz and slate. The substrate is from Mr.  Aqua and pool filter sand in front.


I used a selection of Aqvainnova plants that I got in Chicago at Aquatic Experience. These are beautiful plants, some still in tissue culture and others were already transitioned to nursery growth.


I used some beautiful Elatine hydropiper in the front areas under the spiderwood overhang. Otherwise, several different Cryptocoryne species were planted.


I also used a super glue gel to attach Anubias barterii ‘nana’ directly to the wood.


After everything was planted, I filled it up, but did have to place some temporary rocks on top of the wood to keep it from floating up.


Later I tied some weeping moss to the wood to soften it a bit more.

Finally, you can see what the scape looks like several weeks later. It’ll still be several more weeks before it’s grown in. I’m also not settled on keeping the Hygrophila corymbosa angustifolia long term.


Comments / thoughts welcome!

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